What is SgFit Fusion?

Sarah has created a unique choreographed programme incorporating three styles of popular exercise in one fun class.

SgFit Barre

A ballet inspired workout for non-dancers that incorporates standing Pilates movements in an energetic sequence to burn calories using a barre/chair.

SgFit Sculpt

A Pilates based workout using light weights to sculpt and tone the muscles to enhance body definition through inch loss (weights can be substituted with water bottles/tins).

SgFit Flow

A Yoga based workout to develop core strength, balance and flexibility using Vinyasa & Hatha style poses.

This class is extremely popular with many of Sarah’s clients as it offers three 20-minute sections and caters for all abilities. 

The class ends with a relaxation phase.

The class is recommended if you:

  • enjoy a variety of exercise styles in one class.
  • prefer a fast-paced class that targets all muscle groups.
  • are looking for something different and fun!