The coaching Sarah provides is superb. She makes sure each person in her class receives individual attention and her deep understanding of the biomechanics of Pilates and yoga, coupled with her patience and enthusiasm, make her a highly effective teacher for all abilities. She is no softy though; she ensures her pupils progress, building on previous classes while avoiding repetition by constantly adding new material. Her on-line teaching has been brilliant and a welcome distraction during the lockdown too.

Lisa, Yoga & Pilates

Sarah is an exceptional and truly excellent teacher! She is totally committed to everything she does and every class she teaches. She invests so much into ensuring she caters for all levels giving useful alternatives, as well as raising everyone’s motivation with her constantly varied routines and cheerful encouragement!

Penny, Pilates

Sarah is a super talented instructor. Her wealth of knowledge, levels of commitment, joy and enthusiasm are highly commendable. Sarah’s variety of classes, tailored for beginner through to advanced, demonstrates her vast experience and creativity. I’ve been attending Sarah’s Pilates classes now for over 3 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute (even when doing ‘the hundred’!)

Richard, Pilates

My journey back to fitness began with me joining Pilates at SgFit. From that point on Sarah’s attention to an individual’s needs and capabilities has enabled me to grow not only in fitness but also confidence. I was able to start my slimming plan and together with Sarah’s attention to detail tone my body as I slimmed down. I continue my journey to a better me with the continued support of Sarah at SgFit. Thank you.

Anna, Pilates

So where to begin, as words seem inadequate? Sarah, a passionate, dedicated, obsessed with detail, amazing lady. The gentle lilt of her voice relaxes you as she smiles and gently moves your Pilates stance a millimetre and suddenly you feel every muscle group working. Sarah continues to add to her already in-depth knowledge so that her students & customers receive the very best service. A lovely lady who’s beauty and enthusiasm shines from the inside. If you are getting over an injury, or just trying to keep young, investing in time with this lady is a priceless investment to improve every aspect of your life.

Yvonne, Pilates