Beginner Pilates

The perfect introduction to the fundamentals and principles of Pilates. Sarah will take you through the basic movements to establish good technique, which is paramount to success. Do not be fooled by the term ‘beginner’, this class is not easy! Muscles that are not connected cannot be trained. When the correct muscles are activated, the benefit will be greater, so effectively if you are not feeling the exercise you are probably not connecting the right muscles. In this class you will learn how to connect the deep core muscles, which is the key to faster progression.

This class is recommended if you are:

  • new to Pilates.
  • unfamiliar with the concept of a neutral spine.
  • returning from injury or post-partum.

Improvers Pilates

A progressive class for clients who have completed ‘Beginner Pilates’ as a pre-requisite. Sarah will teach you the Mat 1 repertoire, which allows for stops and starts within the class, and some of the intermediate exercises. Once these have been mastered, the class can flow and prepare you for the more complex intermediate exercises.

This class is recommended if you want:

  • more complex movement sequencing.
  • to learn greater control.
  • to develop core strength through more challenging exercises.

Intermediate Pilates

A beautifully flowing class, with minimum pauses, for clients who have completed ‘Improvers Pilates’. This enables a series of challenging exercises at a truly intermediate level without the risk of injury based on control and technique. 

This class is recommended if you:

  • possess greater control, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • want to explore Mat 2 exercises.
  • have a solid foundation of the classical technique.

Advanced Pilates

A dynamic and challenging advanced class for clients who are fully versed in the classical repertoire. Mat 1 intermediate exercises will not be explained and some of Mat 2 exercises will be dissected where appropriate. The emphasis is on proper execution of movement, allowing just enough recovery after intense exercise.

NB: This class is not suitable for those recovering from injury or surgery. Most exercises will cover full end-range spinal and shoulder movements with very few modifications in order to maintain the flow.

This class is recommended if you:

  • are a Pilates enthusiast having completed at least 20 intermediate sessions.
  • desire complicated, extreme Pilates exercises whilst perfecting your Pilates technique.
  • have a higher level of control, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and endurance.