Exercise and Teens

Participation in school sports promotes a physically active lifestyle and enhances social integration. It also aids in weight management, improves self-confidence, develops neuromuscular awareness, builds musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health, and may positively affect academic performance (World Health Organisation 2006).

Research Shows That “Exercise Boosts Kids’ Cognitive Performance Brain Function”

Moderate to vigorous physical exercise may increase children’s cognitive performance and brain function (Medscape, 1 October 2014).

Research shows that pupils who participated in a structured after-school exercise programme for 9 months experienced improved executive function, including cognitive flexibility, as compared with their counterparts who did not participate in the programme.

Why Pilates for teenagers?

A solid Pilates programme for teenagers can bridge the gap between their sports and daily activities by improving alignment, body conditioning and mindfulness in addition to helping protect against injury. Low back pain can start in early childhood or adolescence. Resistance training (including core conditioning) in youth has several established benefits including increased bone health and reduction in sports-related injuries.

Invest in your teenager’s future with Pilates

By introducing teens to the basic Pilates principles, they can learn to develop their core stability at an early age and increase neuromuscular control. It is important to remember that healthy children become healthy adults so the physical, social and emotional benefits of being active in childhood will set children up for a healthier future.

Injury prevention for active Teenagers through Pilates

Injury prevention has been shown to be positively impacted by comprehensive neuromuscular programs that combine plyometrics, strength, balance, sport-specific technique and agility exercises, all of which can be incorporated into a Pilates program (Steffen et al, 2010).
In school-aged children, physical activity can lead to better academic achievement, increased attention span and improved behaviour.

How can I access Pilates for Teens?

Whilst Sarah is not always able to offer dedicated teen classes (seasonal) she offers a 45 minute 1:1 session.

Contact Sarah by email or phone to book.