SgFit Flow

A Yoga based workout to develop core strength, balance and flexibility using Vinyasa & Hatha style poses.

SgFit Sculpt

A Pilates based workout using light weights to sculpt and tone the muscles to enhance body definition through inch loss (weights can be substituted with water bottles/tins).

SgFit Barre

A ballet inspired workout for non-dancers that incorporates standing Pilates movements in an energetic sequence to burn calories using a barre/chair.

What is SgFit Fusion?

Sarah has created a unique choreographed programme incorporating three styles of popular exercise in one fun class.

This class is extremely popular with many of Sarah’s clients as it offers three 20-minute sections and caters for all abilities.

The class ends with a relaxation phase.

The class is recommended if you:

  • enjoy a variety of exercise styles in one class.
  • prefer a fast-paced class that targets all muscle groups.
  • are looking for something different and fun!

What is SgFit Barre?

A combination of ballet movements and Pilates exercises to create an adrenaline fuelled workout that lengthens and strengthens the entire body. Each class features graceful yet energetic sequences to enhance flexibility, improve posture and balance, challenge the core and increase cardiovascular fitness.

This class is recommended if you are:

  • are prepared to sweat
  • have no previous Pilates or dance experience
  • enjoy a challenge as options are given to progress or regress exercises