Tune in as Sarah features on BBC Radio Shropshire speaking about various health, fitness and lifestyle topics.

8th January 2021

Topic: Rebranding, Healthy Habits and Exercise 

Sarah chats about Covid-19 encouraging her business rebrand, simple healthy habits to implement daily and how Pilates and Yoga can help you mentally and physically.

7th October 2020

Topic: World Mental Health Day 

Mental health is just as important as physical health.  Sarah talks through breathing, relaxation and movement technique examples that can help to reduce stress and decrease tension.

3rd September 2020

Topic: Pilates and SgFit Studio Celebration  

Sarah discusses Pilates and how it can benefit you in addition to the story behind Sarah Gatford Lifestyle and Fitness formerly (Supple Fitness 14 years) and celebrating the SgFit studios 5th Birthday.  

16th June 2020

Topic: Pilates for Men 

In line with Men’s Health Month discover how small movements can create big results and why more male athletes are employing this method as part of their training regime.   

24th April 2020

Topic: Transitioning to Online ExerciseWorking from Home and Positivity 

Top tips on how to adapt your exercise and work space at home.  Sarah speaks about mindfulness and mindful techniques that you can use.    

13th April 2020 Breakfast Show

Topic: Breathing, Posture and Movement 

The importance of simple breathing techniques, the key to posture & how Pilates is different to Yoga movement.